The salvation of the common nerd…

When asked what a nerd looks or is like, most people reply by one name: my sister.

Or even by quoting weinsteinburgers theory of relativity, as you would. But who ever replies with Nicole Scherzinger, who, back in her days, her life was void of any element of cool, a word for whom she, like the empty headed celebrities of today, is a reality.

Or the one who thinks of Obama- I mean, I’m sure he needed qualifications before he became the assassin of terrorists, the owner of the CI fricking A.

A nerd. Seven layers skin, and probably resembles something vaguely human. But just how human?

People have been dehumanising themselves before the dawn of time, before dinosaurs came to this planet, and even before freddie mercury died.

What is it that they are so keen to escape from? Nerd hood. A very empty life of quoting quadratic equations and playing chess in german student cafes, playing tiddlywinks on the self assemble porch and actually, god forbid, passing examinations.

But joking aside, it is time we saved ourselves from the emptiness of ‘cool-dom’, and learn to love nerds as our planet’s defenders, before we lose sight of all that is original, quirky, and above all, a six figure salary.

Yes, here cometh, the truth bitter; nerds, despite the Martha Stewart attire, are much like you and me, the only difference is, that they have un-chartered possibilities that extend much further than the depths of the word “cool”.

Thanks, and subscribe to save the nerd.

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Welcome to ‘The Blog That Got Viral’!!


Welcome to the blog that got viral…I do hope you will enjoy reading this blog and will comment…

I know that y’all like “proper” blogs on “proper” things.

But here’s a word of warning…I am reckless with what I write about…I will write about anything and everything.

OK, so what to know about me…Well obviously I’m not as stupid as to put my details up as that would be foolish and foolish I am not.

I love chocolate- Cadburys is fabulous comfort chocolate and if I wasn’t trying to lose weight I would probably eat chocolate forever-its bordering on an addiction…

BBC’s ‘Our Girl’ has me hooked

Four weeks back, friends of mine had discovered a new series on BBC 1 that I ‘simply had to watch’. I completely ignored them and continued my Sunday’s as usual- watch ‘Big School’, laugh at David Walliams and go to my room.

However, after my sister became hooked on the show, I started to become slightly curious as my sister is a quiet conservative person WHO DOESNT WATCH TV!

So I downloaded bbc iplayer and decided to catch up on the two episodes I had missed and I was stunned because despite being adamant I’d hate it, I wanted to see more.

It follows the story of 18 year old Molly Dawes ( played by Lacey Turner) who joins the British Army after having decided that her life was going nowhere after he discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

She starts off by keeping this decision a secret from her family: her controlling father Dave (Sean Gallagher) and loving mother Belinda (Kerry Godliman). She is however encouraged only by the manager of the recruitment office, Sergeant Lamont (Paul Fox).

However, when everyone finds out, her controlling father, Dave, demands she changes her mind. He even threatens to disown her from the family if she does not which left Molly to make the decision to break away as she heads off to the Army training camp.

At the training camp, Corporal Geddings (Matthew McNulty) doubts Molly’s strength as a potential soldier, but she proves herself worthy and so she earns the respect of her peers.

After Molly has completed training as a Combat Medical Technician, she is told she is to fly out to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan alongside her team, 2 Section, who are predominately males.

Much to her dismay, she discovers that an ex-flame, ‘Smurf’ (Iwan Rheon) is amongst her new section, and sets off on the wrong foot with haughty team leader Captain James (Ben Aldridge) a hailed war hero.


Once they arrive in Afghanistan, Molly fights to prove herself to the men around her while also offering compassion to the locals, including eleven-year-old Afghan girl Bashira (Becky Eggersglusz), giving herself an understanding of what it is like to be a civilian caught up in the Taliban’s war.

The bond that is made by Molly and Bashira is so phenomenal we feel Molly’s pain when something happens to Bashira.

The final episode is on tomorrow and my friends and I are separated on who we want to see back.



I can’t wait it Friday!

Some may say the use of the final exclamation mark makes it sounds like I have something planned but that is so far from the reality of it.

To me it seems like Friday takes millenniums to come and you know what comes with a Friday? Lie in and bed in breakfasts which aren’t accessible to me during he week because of school.

There was also that sarcastic connotation of being buried in heaps of work to do for the following week ahead.

This irks me to no end because I find it absolutely dreadful that we have school days for 6 hours a day,5 days a week and instead of a week end meaning a weeks END it means prepare for the weeks start.

This may make no sense to many of you but if you imaging getting eight essays for the Monday you would feel as irate as I am. It’s not as if I hate essays because I genuinely love to wire but I have had enough of an aching wrist.

Moreover, if the teachers want quality work then we should have more than a week to write more than 5 pages per essay. It is the only fair way.

We are continually told to keep everything in a “balance” but how when we are literally left like corpses on our desks waiting for essays to be cruelly judged with spelling error which would put out a level selves to shame.

That is all rant over because I have a politics paper due tomorrow morning.


a levels and me…

A you are aware I am currently studying for my a levels, which of course I am enjoying. I am studying politics, English literature, history and rs. All of which interest me in crying ways. I have found that by doing four essay subjects I have committed a social death as I am literally buried under the amount of strenuous work I am being given.

For all the love I have for the above subjects I as much hatred I have. I absolutely love essay writing. I love the types of subjects that allow you to have your own answer, where there is no set answer to anything unlike maths and science where there is an explicit answer to every question. I like to interpret mark schemes how I like and put all of that into my work.

However there is only so far I can go to write about certain things. I feel physically and mentally drained and, for the first time I actually properly feel drained.

I knew a levels would be hard work and I still feel I have the GCSE a mindset which is really impacted in my quality of writing. The gap between a levels and GCSEs is massive. Take that one from me. I can scarcely describe the leap.

The aspects of English, for example, that I loved at GCSE such as leniency with how to interpret poetry and prose yet at a level it is becoming more and more

Hey guys I’m back

I am pretty sure nobody missed my annoying posts much but since getting my GCSEs results and beginning my challenging alevels I have been buried under tonnes of tonnes of work. I never thought I would feel this tired or stressed out in y life but it seems I have the new found ability of contradicting myself. Regardless, I am back for good in between my studies.

day 7

I figured that I may as well start doing my day seven now before I forget to write it and end up doing it on day eight.

Anyway, today’s hunger pans have been one hundred and fifty percent my fault. I had simply a cup of tea in the sunset hours and now at. 5 o’clock I can only sit and wait the final 3 and a half hours.

I have done nothing constructive at all today unless you count waking up later than 8 (which is when I normally wake up) at 11:30. Then I sat around doing nothing, washed the dishes and went up to my room, where my wardrobes entire contents spilled out onto the floor, leaving me with five hours worth of cleaning and tidying up. I’m still at it and it is approaching nearly 6 hours.

this isnt how bad it was this morning

this isnt how bad it was this morning

Fariya Tahir,
The Blog That Got Viral