The salvation of the common nerd…

When asked what a nerd looks or is like, most people reply by one name: my sister.

Or even by quoting weinsteinburgers theory of relativity, as you would. But who ever replies with Nicole Scherzinger, who, back in her days, her life was void of any element of cool, a word for whom she, like the empty headed celebrities of today, is a reality.

Or the one who thinks of Obama- I mean, I’m sure he needed qualifications before he became the assassin of terrorists, the owner of the CI fricking A.

A nerd. Seven layers skin, and probably resembles something vaguely human. But just how human?

People have been dehumanising themselves before the dawn of time, before dinosaurs came to this planet, and even before freddie mercury died.

What is it that they are so keen to escape from? Nerd hood. A very empty life of quoting quadratic equations and playing chess in german student cafes, playing tiddlywinks on the self assemble porch and actually, god forbid, passing examinations.

But joking aside, it is time we saved ourselves from the emptiness of ‘cool-dom’, and learn to love nerds as our planet’s defenders, before we lose sight of all that is original, quirky, and above all, a six figure salary.

Yes, here cometh, the truth bitter; nerds, despite the Martha Stewart attire, are much like you and me, the only difference is, that they have un-chartered possibilities that extend much further than the depths of the word “cool”.

Thanks, and subscribe to save the nerd.

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Welcome to ‘The Blog That Got Viral’!!


Welcome to the blog that got viral…I do hope you will enjoy reading this blog and will comment…

I know that y’all like “proper” blogs on “proper” things.

But here’s a word of warning…I am reckless with what I write about…I will write about anything and everything.

OK, so what to know about me…Well obviously I’m not as stupid as to put my details up as that would be foolish and foolish I am not.

I love chocolate- Cadburys is fabulous comfort chocolate and if I wasn’t trying to lose weight I would probably eat chocolate forever-its bordering on an addiction…

day 7

I figured that I may as well start doing my day seven now before I forget to write it and end up doing it on day eight.

Anyway, today’s hunger pans have been one hundred and fifty percent my fault. I had simply a cup of tea in the sunset hours and now at. 5 o’clock I can only sit and wait the final 3 and a half hours.

I have done nothing constructive at all today unless you count waking up later than 8 (which is when I normally wake up) at 11:30. Then I sat around doing nothing, washed the dishes and went up to my room, where my wardrobes entire contents spilled out onto the floor, leaving me with five hours worth of cleaning and tidying up. I’m still at it and it is approaching nearly 6 hours.

this isnt how bad it was this morning

this isnt how bad it was this morning

Fariya Tahir,
The Blog That Got Viral

Day 6 (sorry it was yesterday)

So day 6…I woke up ate and all that yada-yada. But I volunteered at a cancer care shop so I was there from 10am to 5pm and I’d be lying to you if I said it was ok.

It was one of my most strenuous work days ever. Normally there’s enough volunteers to keep me at the till- which allows me to day dream and sit on a comfy blue chair.

But yesterday, most volunteers decided to take a field day from coming in leaving me to help with steaming the clothes, hanging the clothes, labelling the clothes and guess what else? Putting hangers on them and hanging them up in order of clothes size! Doesn’t seem much to you?

To me it was torture, my energy levels were low but it was my responsibility to do these jobs and I couldn’t not do it because then I may as well of just stayed at home. So I put all my might into it and by 3pm I had almost I forgot I was fasting.

It was when I had to go run an errand at the local convenience store that the bright unlike britain sun beat down on my back leaving my throat dying for a bit of water.

That’s clearly what my colleague thought as she had a cup of coke in a massive cup along with some ice. I almost ALMOST took it before I realised what I was doing and I politely declined.

5 o’clock came and went but there was no sign of my mother’s car (who picks me up and drops me off- even though I just live twenty minutes away).

So I sat in the shop, waiting, even though if I had walked home, I’d have been there by now. The smell of omelette filled my nose and being the nosy person I was, I decided to investigate. It was of course my colleague. I decided I’d walk home. I said good bye and all and made my way, meeting my mothers car only five minute later.

I read a chapter of the quran (islamic holy book) and read salah (prayers) and then went to my room to try do something constructive.

Literally an hour was wasted on me trying to decide what to do and then by the time I had figured it out for real, my mother called me down to help prepare food to break the fast with.

Two minutes to go-and it was probably the longest two minutes of my life.

It may sound very anti-reflection of me, seeing as the point of ramadan is to reflect on your life in spiritual means, but I figured if I eat less, sunrise and set, I could lose some weight. But the thing is, you haven’t eaten for a whole day and you just want to eat so much.

After two pieces of bread for example, you start to feel full and beyond that point, you don’t know if you are eating because you what to or because now you have the choice.

Fariya Tahir,
The Blog That Got Viral

Day 5

I’d be lying if I told you that today has gone by very well. It hasn’t. I mean I had cereal this morning which kept me going until about 12 o’clock and then I had these honest to god major hunger pans.

To make matters worse, my mum felt the need to drag me around the town to get some groceries and all. There I am walking around with no energy and my muscles feel ready to fall off, when this complete and utter idiot comes past, sees its me (please note I’ve never met this person in my life) and offers to take me to lunch right this second as we’ve not seen each other “in years dahling”. Uhmmm…I’m fasting?

Why is it that everyone wants to treat me during ramadan- it is simply as if they ask in this auspicious month happy in the knowledge that they wouldn’t have to spend a dime because I’m fasting. Honestly.

But on a serious note, the lengthy fasts have really shown me what life is like for those who have no food. Simply the fact that I find it hard to go ahead with my usual daily routine speaks for itself.

Yet in these poorer nations people live on little or no food, travel miles for water on an empty stomach and get on with their lives, void of food.

In places like africa this happens and the sun beats down on them reaching averages of 44 degrees, yet I complain when a measly 22 degrees hits me.

I suppose that is sort of the point of these fasts, in a respect, seeing as I am spiritually reflecting my life.

Before, I used to fast and I used to do just that. Fast. But this year I feel I have matured and fasting now makes me feel more than just sorry for the people who have to suffer because of poverty; I feel I am able to respect these people for doing normal things that they do while not getting all life’s necessities. While I am sleeping in half my day in bed, little african children are walking miles and miles for water.

This all makes me grateful to a lot of things I probably take granted of:
-a home with a roof and a.c installed

Day 4 of Ramadan

Okay, I’m going to confess, it has been hard. So hard I’ve even got a cop out excuse as to why I didn’t make a post regarding day four of my ramadan series for the duration of this month.

So yesterday, I made the decision just before sunset that I would not eat what a usually ate which entail some asian food or the other. I can not stand the smell of cooking at about 2am in the morning. It seriously puts me off my food. So I decided I’d binge eat enough to keep me sustained instead of eating the high carb asian flat bread and lentils.

So I ate cheese sandwich, curiously cinnamon cereal as well as milk with something called ruhr hufza, known in english as rose water, which added such a beautiful flavour to the milk. On a normal basis I hate the smell of milk yet by adding the rose syrup I can gulp down as much as.

the time before the fast is known as sehri, in english-before dawn. And I was not allowed to eat past 2:36am as that was when sunset occurs. This meant that I’d have to refrain from eating and drinking until sunset.

I made my prayers and went to bed. I thought all that junk that I had would keep my stomach full for at least half the day but I was terribly surprised as I woke up my stomach was churning empty.

There is no point to a fast if you sleep all day, you have to be proactive otherwise you are not experiencing what a poor person who gets no or little food’s life is like. So I helped out from 10-5 at my charity shop, where I volunteer three days a week, same time. Then I read the quran, which as you may know is the islamic holy book.
If I be honest, once you get past 5 o’clock then you don’t feel so hungry and the time speeds up, for me.

The fast opens at 9:26 and there’s that little rush for everyone to cut the fruit, make samosas and pakoras (asian traditional food). Then we wait, pray and as soon as the time of sunset is upon us, we open our fast with a date, which restores the body’s blood glucose levels and then we dig in.

In my house we are not allowed the food until the plates of fruit are gone. And there’s A LOT of them.

Ramadan Month

Sunday 29th may 2014 marked an important day for Muslims as it was the start of the islamic month which goes by the name of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims globally unite in a period of fasting and spiritual reflection.

The point of fasting is to experience life from the perspective of a poor person, maybe a person who lives in extreme poverty. We eat only at sunrise then at sunset but no time in between these two time periods.

Muslims who are physically able are
required to fast each day of the holy month, from sunrise to sunset.

The evenings are spent enjoying family and community meals called ‘iftari’  Afterwards they’d be engaging in special prayer called “tarawee prayer” and reading from the Quran.

The first verses of the Quran were revealed during the month of Ramadan, and the  initial word was:
“Read!” During the month of Ramadan, as well as other times during the year, Muslims are encouraged to read and reflect on God’s guidance.

I thought it would be an interesting way of passing the time for me to do a special series in TBTGV which diaries why I do in this prosperous month in Islam.

Obviously two days have already passed so I shall start from tomorrow which dates the forth fast.