The salvation of the common nerd…

When asked what a nerd looks or is like, most people reply by one name: my sister.

Or even by quoting weinsteinburgers theory of relativity, as you would. But who ever replies with Nicole Scherzinger, who, back in her days, her life was void of any element of cool, a word for whom she, like the empty headed celebrities of today, is a reality.

Or the one who thinks of Obama- I mean, I’m sure he needed qualifications before he became the assassin of terrorists, the owner of the CI fricking A.

A nerd. Seven layers skin, and probably resembles something vaguely human. But just how human?

People have been dehumanising themselves before the dawn of time, before dinosaurs came to this planet, and even before freddie mercury died.

What is it that they are so keen to escape from? Nerd hood. A very empty life of quoting quadratic equations and playing chess in german student cafes, playing tiddlywinks on the self assemble porch and actually, god forbid, passing examinations.

But joking aside, it is time we saved ourselves from the emptiness of ‘cool-dom’, and learn to love nerds as our planet’s defenders, before we lose sight of all that is original, quirky, and above all, a six figure salary.

Yes, here cometh, the truth bitter; nerds, despite the Martha Stewart attire, are much like you and me, the only difference is, that they have un-chartered possibilities that extend much further than the depths of the word “cool”.

Thanks, and subscribe to save the nerd.

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Welcome to ‘The Blog That Got Viral’!!


Welcome to the blog that got viral…I do hope you will enjoy reading this blog and will comment…

I know that y’all like “proper” blogs on “proper” things.

But here’s a word of warning…I am reckless with what I write about…I will write about anything and everything.

OK, so what to know about me…Well obviously I’m not as stupid as to put my details up as that would be foolish and foolish I am not.

I love chocolate- Cadburys is fabulous comfort chocolate and if I wasn’t trying to lose weight I would probably eat chocolate forever-its bordering on an addiction…


March 8 2015… International woman’s day. This day comes and goes each year without me giving it a second thought. Despite being a member of the female species, the day usually gies on without me releasing. 

I was born into a generation where women had already obtained the vote amongst many other civil, social and economic liberties. So the struggle for women was long over before I was born. 

However, I stand corrected as women continue to be still “lesser” than men as women are paid less than men in some institutions, the House of Commons and lords does not fully represent women seeing as only one eighth of the U.K.’s women are actually in parliament for political purposes and not cleaning jobs. 

All the same…


The ultimate brain killer…A Levels?

They say A Levels are supposed to be harder than whatever you are going to study in university. If this is the case, then I would very much like to skip A Levels and join university as of now. I would be lying if I told you all that a levels haven’t kept me on my toes. For one, they have allowed me to appreciate what a good night’s sleep means. I would be up until 3 on some nights trying to finish the world’s most pickiest teacher’s essay and when my head hits that pillow, I am gone. Nothing would be able to wake me except… darn it!! That dreadful beeping of my alarm clock telling me to wake up for school, yet again.

The sense of disappointment that you feel if you have spent hours, days or in some cases weeks on an assignment and the teacher gives you one of those snide smiles and a ‘better luck next time, eh?’. Most students would try harder for the next time round but me? I would go and argue my case, let him or her know that I spent half my life on that essay ‘Time doesn’t wait, you know’ is my popular response. This technique, you may know, has not shown its potential for working, but i am working on it. Of course, we all want to be the exception do better than whoever is sitting North, South, East and West of our desk and the day we beat them (even if it is in a pop quiz) that sense of elation is unbeatable.

In the past, I haven’t been such a supporter of school and the people who are meant to be helping us students. however, I have began to appreciate their help and their time. I understand that they have virtually no lives, what with all that marking 24/7 and they have to put up with people like me or whinier little rodents so they have ultimately reached a new level of my respect.

this doesn’t change my view at all that the schools help those who are doing extremely well and not so much for the not so smart folks. It is not hard to notice that the focus most schools have is to compete with other schools over year 7 admissions, GCSE, AS and A2 results so they want to help those who can give them that status of having those ‘smart children’. Don’t get me wrong, the lesser intelligent folks, do get some support by putting them in lower classes. Yet we still notice how the top sets get the better teachers- ANYWAY, that is a debate for another day.

A levels, that’s the reason I was nattering on about in the first instance. I always get sidetracked especially when i feel passionate towards a cause. There are perks of A levels however…

we get free periods (of course I study in them what do you take me for!!)- whereby we are expected to study but how can we when no one else is… that was a feeble excuse but if we do school work in lessons and we are meant to rest at home, why give home work they can not control our lives at home. My point in essence is, that if our home ‘leisure’ time is taken, we deserve that hour or two each day for some good old procrastination!

This may sound ridiculous but the best perk of sixth form and a level life is the fact that we can bring our own mugs in to drink tea or coffee. AND THERE IS A BIG MICROWAVE. It’s fantastic. if only the school would use that five pounds we give them every year for our facilities then  maybe we could actually get some even nicer facilities for us.

Jane Eyre Book Review

Originally posted on THE FULLER REVIEW:

This was a Book Review written by Fariya as she portrays her new-found fondness for much-loved literary classics…

If you had asked me two months ago, whether or not I enjoyed reading classical books, commonly known to most of us as ‘books that bore the living days out of us!’, my response would have been on the lines of ‘Hell no!’. However, upon finally completing my GCSE’s, I found myself doing two things: being bored and complaining about being bored. So the committed Grammarian I was, I decided to do something a little more time-consuming so I purchased Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

I was very sceptical at first and have to admit I judged the book within five minutes of it arriving through my door. However after a few hours of watching Eggheads and Pointless on repeat and being more bored than I could ever have comprehended, I decided to…

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A new year thank you

With only 2 days to go until new year, I decided now would be a good time to thank you all for following and supporting this blog.

I started the blog that got viral during one of many frequent procrastination moments in February when I was supposedly revising for my mock GCSEs. Now it has almost been a whole year that I have been posting and it has been a great year too.

It was a year of success for me: of GCSEs, starting a levels, entering competitions, winning some and learning from others. The list grows. But I have grown from all my experiences and can say I have matured as a person. I’ve lost friends, found friends. I’ve bonded with many new people which I normally find hard to do.

I would like to thank those of you who have been tuning in to my irregular posts especially those of you not in the uk and hope you all have been entertained and continue doing so into the next year.
Thank you




2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I’m A Celebrity 2014: Why can’t we have some women of note in the jungle?

Originally posted on Metro:

(Picture: ITV) (Picture: ITV)

We all know the scene.

A busty young woman in a skimpy bikini arches her back and soaps herself up beneath a make-shift shower.

She is gorgeous, desirable and here, right here in our homes.

Are the I’m A Celebrity shower scenes pornographic?

Not quite but they’re not quite family viewing either.

Your brother/father/husband shifting unsubtley in his seat is indication enough.

This year will be no different.

Look at the line up of women going into the jungle – glamour model Kendra Wilkinson. Model Nadia Ford. Gorgeous Gemma Collins from Towie (for the BBW fans?). Allo Allo actress Vicki Michelle (for the cougar fans?). Model/presenter Melanie Sykes.

Of course we will get the shower scene – over and over.

These women have made successful careers of being digestible, accessible eye candy.

Most have risen to fame through the pages of lads magazines.

Now look at the men.


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Bhaktivedanta Manor

I chose religious studies for a level his year and was pleasantly surprised when my teachers informed the class that we were to visit a hate Krishna temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor.

I’d like to say I knew what this was before I turned up to the temple with my fellow classmates but I previously knew mostly of my own religion:Islam.

But it has educated me, not just academically but spiritually in the sense that I have some knowledge of what day to day life is for different cultures within Hinduism as much as I know about my own religion.

Bhaktivedanta Manor is a Gaudiya Vaishnava temple which is in Hertfordshire in Aldenham.

The Manor is owned and run by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) which is better known as the Hare Krishna movement.

It is ISKCON’s largest property in the Uk, and one of the most frequently visited Radha Krishna temples in Europe. It is in 70 acres of landscaped grounds, consisting of lawns, flower gardens, a children’s playground, an artificial lake that attracts many ducks.

The manor and all the land was donated to the Hare Krishna movement in February 1973 by ex Beatle member George Harrison, after the Radha Krishna Temple in central London had become inadequate to house the growing number of devotees.

The activity at Bhaktivedanta Manor focuses around the temple room with its altar of carved wood and gilt containing three domed shrines.

During the trip we had donated food, wore saris, and learnt of the many gods which was a contrast from islams believe of one God, being Allah (swt).

I managed to get some pictures where allowed seeing as my school doesn’t allow phones to be used.






Jayne eyre has changed my life..

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Review

If you had asked me two months ago, whether or not I enjoyed reading classical books, commonly known to most of us as ‘books that bore the living days out of us!’, my response would have been on the lines of ‘Hell no!’. However, upon finally completing my GCSE’s, I found myself doing two things: being bored and complaining about being bored. So the committed Grammarian I was, I decided to do something a little more time consuming so I purchased Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

I was very sceptical at first and have to admit I judged the book within five minutes of it arriving through my door. However after a few hours of watching Eggheads and Pointless on repeat and more bored than I could ever have comprehended, I decided to open the dreaded book. Admittedly, I have probably read virtually every single romance novel known to the WGGS library therefore I can safely say that I know a decent romance novel when I’ve read one and Jane Eyre undoubtedly qualifies as one of my personal favourites.

Nevertheless, I am very ashamed of judging that book by its cover because, without a doubt, this book has affected me on such a profound level. Jane Eyre was such powerful book to have read and I could not put it down at all. It was not an easy book to read but I feel positively enriched by it. Jane Eyre was remarkably different from the usual teen romance stories I have read.

The novel starts off with ten year old orphan Jane Eyre who is living in her late uncle’s house with her aunt and cousins, all of which abuse her mentally and physically abuse her which makes the reader sympathise with her very much.

There are moments when you feel, how can one person suffer so much and from a young age, too? But by taking the journey with Jane, you realize that all Jane’s suffering had a purpose. It shaped her into a woman who could look beneath the façade and love what others could never love or understand. It made her the woman who could love and heal Mr Rochester, making the reader feel that Mr Rochester was made for Jane Eyre. He had searched his life for a woman like her, and made quite a few slip-ups along the way. And out of love, he was able to let her go when he wanted to keep her. Nonetheless she came back to him, when he needed her the most.
Her harsh aunt sends her away to Lowood School to become a governess. Even though conditions at the school are very unfortunate, Jane makes friends there and finishes her education, even gaining a position as governess to the young French girl Adele at a house called Thornfield. The owner of the house, Edward Rochester, is never home; therefore Jane spends most of her time with Adele and the housekeeper, Mrs Fairfax. Throughout Jane’s stay at Thornfield, strange events occur at Thornfield.

Without giving too much away, Jane continually saves Mr Rochester’s life and realises that she loves him but is too proud to confess her feelings.
Mercifully for the reader, Bronte does not torture us for long and Jane and Mr Rochester confess their love. He soon proposes to her but unfortunately for Jane, Mr Rochester had a major secret he never told her, resulting in her running away and living the life of a poor beggar until she meets Reverend Rivers and ends up living with him and his two sisters.
It is whilst she is residing with the Rivers’ that Jane finds out that an uncle of hers called, John Eyre, has died and left his wealth to her. She finds out that John Eyre had three children… The Rivers’ siblings who reside with her. Despite knowing that they are cousins, Reverend wants to marry Jane, not because he loves her but because he feels that she would make a good missionary. I think that if the story had ended with her leaving Mr Rochester and falling in love with the Reverend for real, then I feel positively certain that I would not be writing such a shining review for Bronte’s novel today.

However, it does not end there as we go on to see her grow and act as the brilliant and phenomenal person that she has always been. Although on many occasions, she has been put down, she has not given up and she always fights back. It is her determination that keeps her going instead of dying or giving up like so many others. She is neither a user or a backstabber or even an abuser which makes her even more appealing as a character.

Luckily, the story ends on a phenomenally happy note where one night, Jane hears Mr Rochester calling to her so she returns to Thornfield and finds the house burned down. Jane tracks Mr Rochester down and finds he has lost his arm and eyesight in the fire which burnt Thornfield house down. But still undoubtedly in love with him, she accepts his second marriage proposal and they even have a son together, which shows processes of healing and after two years his eye sight was vastly improved.

It is a story for people who wonder why they keep on trying to do the right thing and striving for me instead of just taking what they are given or even taking what they want and when they want. Personally I feel that if Jane Eyre was the greedy sort then she would not have had such a happy ending. Instead she gave up what she wanted most in the world and nearly died doing what she felt was the right thing to do. I respected her bravery and her willpower, her yearning to be free, regardless of what little she had or was given, her cleverness, and her love for others.

There is no question about Jane’s level of strength and integrity. Even though it is made clear several times in this novel, that Jane is not beautiful, her kind and caring soul makes her a beautiful and desirable character.

I feel I am failing to write the review I want to write for this book because the words are failing me. All I can say is that this book will always be a favourite of mine because of the way it touched my heart and made me cry more than I have ever in my life.


I have never felt that the quote above has ever made sense to me more than after I attempted to read this phenomenon and ended up loving it!!

Half term this week!

It feels like yesterday the holidays had ended for the summer and now the October half term is yet upon most of us. To be honest I feel it would be stupid for me to think that I will try some rest seeing as my family seem to be early birds with me being the night owl to put it lightly.

On a school night, I would be the last in bed and the last out of bed. The morning would temporarily blind me even when it was as dark as night could get.

But now as Friday approaches, the half term could not have appeared at such a bright time. Finally I can actually sleep in even if it is for a little while and I can’t do what I want, when I want.

However, I have been set at least two essays per teacher leaving me with about 10 essays to do for the first day back!

Now I don’t know about you but I reckon these teachers are milking it!

BBC’s ‘Our Girl’ has me hooked

Four weeks back, friends of mine had discovered a new series on BBC 1 that I ‘simply had to watch’. I completely ignored them and continued my Sunday’s as usual- watch ‘Big School’, laugh at David Walliams and go to my room.

However, after my sister became hooked on the show, I started to become slightly curious as my sister is a quiet conservative person WHO DOESNT WATCH TV!

So I downloaded bbc iplayer and decided to catch up on the two episodes I had missed and I was stunned because despite being adamant I’d hate it, I wanted to see more.

It follows the story of 18 year old Molly Dawes ( played by Lacey Turner) who joins the British Army after having decided that her life was going nowhere after he discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

She starts off by keeping this decision a secret from her family: her controlling father Dave (Sean Gallagher) and loving mother Belinda (Kerry Godliman). She is however encouraged only by the manager of the recruitment office, Sergeant Lamont (Paul Fox).

However, when everyone finds out, her controlling father, Dave, demands she changes her mind. He even threatens to disown her from the family if she does not which left Molly to make the decision to break away as she heads off to the Army training camp.

At the training camp, Corporal Geddings (Matthew McNulty) doubts Molly’s strength as a potential soldier, but she proves herself worthy and so she earns the respect of her peers.

After Molly has completed training as a Combat Medical Technician, she is told she is to fly out to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan alongside her team, 2 Section, who are predominately males.

Much to her dismay, she discovers that an ex-flame, ‘Smurf’ (Iwan Rheon) is amongst her new section, and sets off on the wrong foot with haughty team leader Captain James (Ben Aldridge) a hailed war hero.


Once they arrive in Afghanistan, Molly fights to prove herself to the men around her while also offering compassion to the locals, including eleven-year-old Afghan girl Bashira (Becky Eggersglusz), giving herself an understanding of what it is like to be a civilian caught up in the Taliban’s war.

The bond that is made by Molly and Bashira is so phenomenal we feel Molly’s pain when something happens to Bashira.

The final episode is on tomorrow and my friends and I are separated on who we want to see back.




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